AnyaBoutique™ Deep Water Fishing Magnet

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Do you like going to rivers, lakes, or beaches and have a little treasure hunting? Isn’t it fascinating what surprise item you might get under nature’s waters? We offer you a quick, safe and easy way to do that -- The perfect solution to anyone who wants to reduce heavy objects in life or enjoy a fun time with family or friends.

The NEW AnyaBoutique™ Deep Water Fishing Magnet is a compact and powerful fishing magnet that is an ideal tool for fishers and treasure hunters as it desires maximum performance, functionality, and productivity.

Become a pro -- The double-sided magnet lets you stuck anything on it and enjoy fishing and/or other outdoor activities.  

The magnet is best for finding your lost objects in a pool, hole, pond, or anywhere you cannot reach easily. Its magnetic strength is strong enough to bear up heavy weighted and also lasts for a lifetime. Not to mention it contains reinforced studs and premium construction for every kind of usage. 


  • Strong Holding Double Sided Power: Powerful enough to hold up to 450lbs weight. It has superior quality neodymium double-sided magnet and stainless-steel shell with countersunk hole eyebolt. The magnetic force increases the magnetic strength by 2-4 times.
  • Triple Layer Coating: Has triple-layer coatings of nickel and copper to resist corrosion and rust. It also helps in protecting the magnet from chipping and offers a gleaming surface.
  • Durable & Sturdy: Strong enough to bear harsh use -- No matter how long you put it in the water, its magnetic strength will remain the same throughout life.

  • Superior & Certified Construction: The ISO9001 certified steel case enhances the magnetic force to concentrate the magnetic field on the magnet's bottom to increase its strength.
  • Multiple Applications: Specifically made for underwater use. It helps in recovering lost equipment, tools for fishing...Absolutely the perfect choice for fishing, lifting, hanging, and magnetic fishing.

  • Handy Assembling: Super easy to assemble...However, you need to be careful while touching it as the magnet is super strong. It is recommended to wear gloves before touching them and never let your kids feel them.
  • Never Loose The Magnet: Comes with a necessary locking carabiner. We feel this is a must have when utilizing the magnet as you don't want to loose a magnet you paid good money for.


  • Material: Neodymium Magnet + Steel + Black Resin
  • Size: 48mm (Pull Force: 80 kg/176 lbs), 60mm (Pull Force: 115 kg/253 lbs), 75mm (Pull Force: 200 kg/ 440 lbs),  94mm (Pull Force: 300 kg/661 lbs)
  • Coating: Both Magnet & Steel | Ni + Cu + Ni Triple Layer
  • Max Working Temperature: 80 Degrees Centigrade


  • 1 x AnyaBoutique™ Deep Water Fishing Magnet


The Pulling Force will be influenced by many factors: the material of the stuff, effective contact area, the smoothness of the surface, pull direction, temperatures, material type, thickness, flatness, friction levels, etc), its quality (e.g. rust free), its size (thickness plus total surface area), etc.