Return, Refunds, and Restrictions

  1. General

We at AnyaBoutique™ are committed to providing you high-quality products. We hope that you are satisfied with the products you receive. We realize that you may want to return a product you have purchased.

However, because of the nature of the products we sell and according to the applicable law, it is unfortunately not possible to return used or opened products without the original package or label. Only if the product is broken or wrong, we may accept a replacement free of charge or a refund.

Sometimes packages will not arrive at their final destination due to either the mail carrier or any other reasons beyond our control. We apply our best efforts to offer you the best solution. We also ask you to inform and, if necessary, file a complaint at your national mail carrier in order to resolve the issue of a lost or delayed package. When it is confirmed that a package is lost outside of your control, we may offer a replacement product. 

The following Return & Refund Procedure shall apply. Please only return an item after having received customer service approval. You may not be eligible for a return and refund, and you are solely responsible for all costs involved.

  1. Disclaimer for all products

The advertisements for our products may contain general expressions to promote our merchandise. As a result, some promotions are merely general statements. You acknowledge and agree that our promotions and advertisements are subjective in nature, and your overall experience may differ from our advertisements. If our products are clearly defective or broken, you may be eligible for free replacement according to these terms.

2.1 Disclaimer for Beauty Products

In accordance with our Terms of Service, we represent and warrant that the products contain the ingredients as advertised. However, we never make any representations and warranties as to their results. As health improvement, appearance enhancements, and overall quality are personal, we cannot accept any replacements when you are dissatisfied with the product.

  1. Replacements Wrong or Damaged Products
  • We only issue a full refund when you cancel your order within twenty-four (24) hours after you have placed your order with us.
  • A request for a replacement must be made within seven (7) days after you have received the product and only after you have discovered the product is broken, damaged, or the wrong product.
  • You must e-mail us first at explaining in detail the nature of the defective or wrong product, including pictures and other supporting evidence.
  • We shall first investigate your complaint, and within seven (07) days, we will confirm whether you are eligible for a replacement product.
  • After you have received our confirmation, we will ship a new product to your registered address.
    1. Product Returns
    • AnyaBoutique™ is happy to help you complete a product return.
    • We only accept product returns that you have purchased on, and up to fourteen (14) days after the original date of purchase. 
    • Inform us first about why you want to return the product, and please send the unopened product, including your receipt, and record the tracking code for personal use.
    • You are always responsible for any and all charges in connection to returning the product, including shipping and handling costs, which remain non-refundable.
    • Once we have received the undamaged product we will issue a refund.
    1. General Shipping Terms
    • You will be first responsible for the return costs, including but not limited to shipping and handling charges.
    • We are never responsible for lost and/or delayed packages. Please read Section 6.
    1. Lost and Delayed Items
    • When you suspect the delivery has been delayed or the package is lost, please allow a thirty-six (36) hour period. If the package has not arrived after that period, please file a complaint with your national mail carrier first.
    • You may send us a message, including all supporting evidence regarding the delayed or lost package, and we will attempt to contact the mail carrier. We shall perform our best efforts to resolve this issue to the best of our abilities.
    • Once we have confirmed that the package has been lost outside of your control, we will send you a replacement product.
    • We shall provide a tracking number. However, we do not have any control over your national mail carrier, as a result, you are responsible for filing a claim in the case of a lost package.